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Re: [edlug] My first fedora

On Friday 16 January 2004 08:38, Jordi Bruguera i Cortada wrote:
> I'm playing with 2.6.0 since its release on
> a SuSE Professional 9.0 and I have to say
> it runs nice on my desktop at work. Responsiveness
> on X and keyboard events under heavy load is one
> of the relevant improvements.

One of the things I liked about using my Sun Blade with Solaris over Linux on 
a PC was the resposiveness under high load. I've been using 2.6.0 on a Redhat 
9 system since 26th December, and have been very impressed with its 
responsiveness, especially within KDE which didn't have much of a speed 
advantage over Gnome before then.

> I'm also using the Nvidia driver with patches from
> http://minion.de with excellent results. I haven't
> tested it yet with my laptop, a buggy BIOSed Dell
> Inspiron machine. I'll drop a note with the conclusions
> on it.

I got my new NVidia drivers from <http://www.sh.nu/download/nvidia/linux-2.6/> 
and got module-init-tools from 
<http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/people/rusty/modules/>, since the 2.6 
kernel needs that (although 2.4 didn't seem to).

I've yet to try the new kernel on my laptop too (a Sony Vaio).

Another piece of software I recommend getting as soon as you can is KDE 3.2 (I 
installed the beta on 5th January). I found the following new features to be 
very useful:

- Kontact (like Evolution/Outlook, but for KDE)
- KGpg (KDE frontend to GPG)
- KDE Wallet Manager (stores passwords securely - makes the "remember 
password" option for fish:// and ftp:// connections work, even if you restart 
the PC)
- JuK (a music player/organiser with similar layout to iTunes)
- Apple's speed improvements in KHTML
- Tabs that don't require horizontal scrolling in Konqueror
- Crystal SVG icons and almost complete SVG support
- Kopete (Instant Messaging client - although I still prefer Gaim)

There are still some issues with the Beta 2 realease that I've noticed, 
including Konqueror getting confused over what title some tabs are going to 
have, having to start KDED manually, and printing via CUPS hanging Konqueror 
(Can't get printing via LPD to work at all with Konq, although it works from 
every other KDE app).

Can't wait until the 3.2 final release is out :-)

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