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Re: [edlug] Looking for a new Distro

On Sun, 18 Jan 2004 03:53:32 +0000
Matthew Slane <m.slane@xxx.xxx.xxx> wrote:

> A friend has burned me the Arch Iso's and scanning through reviews and 
> the forums, this looks like a distro I will like, I'll let you know how 
> it goes.  I'm not going to hold Slack in a bad light because of VL, if 
> Arch doesn't rock my boat, I'll give that or Peanut a go next.

Not wanting to sound like a stuck record but Slackware is probably the way to go. Being the oldest distro around it seems to have learnt a thing or too along the way. The install CD has at least 4 kernels to boot off on install, each for a different setup. Keymap selection works as does partition setup (partition creation has to be done with fdisk but it sounds like you've allready done this).
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 A small fairly new distro is allways going to have problems with oscure setups (sadly SCSI = obscure) so it's usually better to go for one of the more well established distros.

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