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[edlug] Looking for a new Distro


I've been using Gentoo for the past few years, and as much as I like it, I am becoming tired of compiling everying from source. Additionally the quality of the distro seems to be massively declining. I understand there are efforts to rectify this, but until I get a faster machine, its time for a new distro.

I like minimlilst stuff, I detest redhat/mandrake etc. with a passion, so I'm looking for something small and sleek that I can add what I need and not what deadrat thinks I need. Currently I'm looking at Vector (Slackware based so should be good) and Arch linux. Only having dial-up I want to be careful which I go for. Does anyone have any experience with these or can they recomend anything else? (I'm going to give FreeBSD a try, but thats another story on ufs partition. Is Edlug open to *BSD users?)


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