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Re: [edlug] OT: Award BIOS chip wanted...

> > Easy -- boot up first, *then* screwdriver out the BIOS chip!
> Actually its right. But don't forget to enable the BIOS shadow feature
> first, and use a plastic ic extractor, and do not have drunk too much
> coffee.

I can confirm that this works - the machine I'm writing this mail on was
the victim of an unfortunate case of colleague tripping an RCD while I
was mid bios upgrade. 

Luckily work had the same motherboard on one of their machines as I had
at home.

The only hassle was getting the working Bios chip out while system live.
Make sure you loosen it before booting and leave it "just" in. 

Nerve racking, not to be recommeded, but it *did* work.

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