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[edlug] My first fedora

Well, I waited a fair while but finally put fedora on one of my machines two days ago and have had a chance to play with it.

Basically, it doesn't feel all that different to RH9. I installed Crossover Office 2.1.0 and that installed and ran fine so it doesn't look like there is much different going on under the hood as had happened with RH7.3 - RH8.0/RH9.

I like the way it starts X while booting, that will please the Windows types who don't like to see the startup scripts doing their thing. SuSE has been doing this for years so it is about time RH (Yeah yeah, OK, 'Fedora') did it.

Since I have had a serious case of upgraditus I decided to give the 2.6.1 kernel a go as well. I have to so *WOW*! This is the first kernel update I have done where I have really felt this was a quantum leap. I compiled with preemption and X immediately felt very smooth compared with the 2.4.22 kernel. Much more impressive was the fact that I could run updatedb and still use the machine without any feeling of lag. With 2.4.x I usually killed updatedb if it started while I was busy using the machine because the response to any command would become very sluggish. Everything works so basically I am going to switch to 2.6.1 as the default.

I know a lot of people have been a bit grumpy about RH dropping their desktop distro but frankly they haven't. This is every bit RHL X, it just isn't branded that way for whatever reason the management cooked up. Frankly, I think they could have stuck with the RHL name and just turned it loose, it wouldn't have cause confusion with RHEL, in fact I believe it would have helped their brand. Oh well, hopefully the move to the fedora brand won't cause too much trouble.


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