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Re: [edlug] 802.11 g cards

On 15 Jan 2004, at 1:09 pm, Greg Lewin wrote:

Alex Wasserman wrote:

Even if you have a 802.11g card you might still not get WPA as every card and the hub have to support both 11g and WPA. We have an airport in our flat, but my flatmate's 11b card does not support WPA and doesn't seem to like any form of encryption, so we have turned ours off. I think that in a highly residential area their won't be too many roaming laptops, and I can detect two other networks myself, one encrypted, one not.

When you say "detect", do you mean "able to access" - implying the reciprocal would be true?

I mean that I can use the unencrypted network freely for 'net access and were I to have the password could use the other freely too. Yes, the reciprocal would be true. Although I imagine they would be happy with their own networks.

In order to check who is on our network a quick check on our router and dhcp server will show who has which ip and thence how many computers are connected. We know who is who, so any extra names are immediately obvious.

Our network connection is not really suitable for running a server off of, and our router is a NAT box too, so access to that would be needed if they wanted to. All ports are blocked. Could be a good time to change the default password though ;)

In order to restrict access it is possible to lower the power on the hub too. That way you can reduce the possibility of outside access.

As long as all computers are firewalled then there is very little damage that any external influence can do. SMB passwords are a must too.


Alex Wasserman

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