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Re: [edlug] 802.11 g cards

Alex Wasserman wrote:

Even if you have a 802.11g card you might still not get WPA as every card and the hub have to support both 11g and WPA. We have an airport in our flat, but my flatmate's 11b card does not support WPA and doesn't seem to like any form of encryption, so we have turned ours off. I think that in a highly residential area their won't be too many roaming laptops, and I can detect two other networks myself, one encrypted, one not.

When you say "detect", do you mean "able to access" - implying the reciprocal would be true?

Nil security on wireless strikes me as the kind of situation where things are fine until suddenly they aren't, a bit like some disk failures.

Having said that, security on the wiki is currently zero; I'm assuming that it will be be safe as long as it isn't very visible.

I'm in the fortunate position of being able to start my wireless from scratch without being too worried about prior compatibility. Obviously I'm likely to go for one of the known names, e.g. Netgear, 3Com etc. But part of the problem is that items listed in the compatibility lists such as

are not necessarily available in the UK, at least not yet for the newest stuff.

I've been putting some links on



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