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Re: [edlug] debian testing or gentoo?

El jue, 15-01-2004 a las 11:06, Magnus Hagdorn escribió:
> hello everyone,
> i am happy owner of a new machine and am now wondering what linux
> distribution i should stick on it. well, i should say that i have used
> various distribution and got stuck with suse for quite some time now.
> however, suse is getting boring, it just works. so i want to try
> something new and exiting. the choice is between debian testing and
> gentoo. i've never installed either but i will run debian stable on the
> server. so i am wondering if i should stick with debian on both server
> and desktop or go for gentoo on the desktop. 

Uhm, I've been a happy user of debian unstable for 3 years without a
single reinstall, both using it as desktop and server. I administer a
number of machines in several locations (mostly via ssh) and I've never
had grave issues using it.

I've you're going to use debian for the first time, I would recommend
using the testing branch ("sarge"). It will become the stable version
soon and it has quite recent packages (if a package enters unstable and
has no bugs for 10 days, it is uploaded to testing).  (I'm using testing
too in some collocated server I have... mostly because upgrades aren't
that frequent as compared to unstable ones - less bandwidth usage ;-) )

Gentoo is also nice to play with, but only if you're willing to spend
hours and hours compiling your packages. You could of course use some
precompiled packages (GRE) to install base system and graphical
environment, but that defeats the appeal of gentoo doesn't it? And **for
me** [ no flames here ;-) ] it is just not worthy recompiling everything
(X, kde, mozilla, whatever) every time a new version comes up.

By the way, we did some test here at my local LUG of debian vs gentoo
and the differences between them weren't that high with the same kernel
(perhaps 3-5% in cpu-intensive tasks). Full text here [1] (only in
spanish i'm afraid). As I said, it is just not worthy to change from one
distro to another...

[1] : http://linuca.org/body.phtml?nIdNoticia=243

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