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Re: [edlug] Server, 802.11g and Fedora

Oh, while I am talking about the server, has anyone else had a real nightmare with sharing a printer with WindowsXP? I am using a Samba setup that worked fine with Win98 (the printer is attached to the server) but when I connect to it with XP it will print the test page but then if I log out and then log back in the printer is still there but I get access denied. I have seen this same problem coming up all over on google searches but no solution as yet. Samba updated as per RH9 in case that helps. If someone has a working smb.conf file they could send me it would be greatly appreciated.

This printer wouldn't be a Lexmark would it? I've had a problem with a Lexmark & XP, not through Samba but that has some similarity with the errors.

On my XP laptop I have to re-install the printer every time I use it. Somewhere between shutting down & restarting, it loses config & I get the similar access denied/no printer warnings. Looking at the setup it keeps creating "fake" ports to connect through every time it finds the printer, yet all subsequent ones are blocked by the original setup.

Like you Im yet to find a solution, but keep updating drivers in hope.

If you're using vendor specific drivers on the XP machine it may be possible to substitute with standard windows drivers and lose some of these quirks - if you can live without the funky interfaces.


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