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[edlug] Server, 802.11g and Fedora

I'm busy getting my computing life back together. On the server front, I have had to replace my old PIII 1Gig laptop because its basically nacked and I didn't see much point in throwing more money at it. The LCD doesn't work any more, the disc has a number of interesting bad blocks and the case has a bloody great crack down the lid. So, I figured it would make a nice server and oddly enough it does. The disc has been formatted after badblocks and it runs well enough without any complaints in the logs, it has a built in UPS with 4 hours+ since the LCD isn't working and it is actually decently fast and quiet. I replaced it with an iBook G4 as it was cheaper and better spec'd than any of the Intel boxes, oh and it is *GREAT*!!!!!

I have installed a wireless router and firewall in my flat, just waiting for my airport extreme card to arrive (should be tomorrow). However, when setting up a similar system for my mother I stuck with 802.11b for the simple reason that her laptop, being a standard Tosh only has PCMCIA slots and frankly, any card you stick in that slot is going to give you 10Mb at best. I have a 10/100 PCMCIA card that I used to use with an earlier laptop and other than being able to connect to the network (I had a 100bt only hub at the time) the best speed I ever saw was 1MB per second for file transfers. So, don't get all excited about putting a g card in your PCMCIA slot, it is unlikely that it will perform any quicker than a b although it won't drag the performance down for the real g users out there at least.

Just installing Fedora on my AthlonXP box, can't comment on it at the moment but I just thought I would say. If it works OK I'll probably upgrade my server (laptop!!!!)

Oh, while I am talking about the server, has anyone else had a real nightmare with sharing a printer with WindowsXP? I am using a Samba setup that worked fine with Win98 (the printer is attached to the server) but when I connect to it with XP it will print the test page but then if I log out and then log back in the printer is still there but I get access denied. I have seen this same problem coming up all over on google searches but no solution as yet. Samba updated as per RH9 in case that helps. If someone has a working smb.conf file they could send me it would be greatly appreciated.


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