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RE: [edlug] Hardware for sale

> > Really can't accept less than £600
> Bit overpriced really, especially when you can buy a brand new faster
> Fujitsu-Siemens machine, with 3 years onsite warranty cheaper at
> £500 without the monitor and £699 inc 15" TFT. 

This (an "Esys E-PC") caught my eye on Ebuyer:

L276 (incl. VAT) gets you (NB no monitor, no modem, and no MS Tax!):
  AMD Athlon XP2200 CPU 
  MSI Micro ATX M/B 
  256MB DDR PC-266 RAM (expandable to 2GB) 
  40GB Seagate HDD 
  1.44MB FDD 
  ProSavage8 2D/3D Graphics on board 
  On Board Sound 
  6 X USB 2.0 
  P/S2 Mouse 
  Mandrake Linux 9.1 O/S 
  Retail packaging with user manual & quick set-up poster 
  Full Plug & Play BIOS 

Too bad most of the reviewers seem to be sticking XP on it!

Sorry, I'm obliged to attach this:

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