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Re: Server - (was Re: [edlug] Hardware for sale)

Actually I have one, but going back to the "just works" theme, i am happy to use it as it is without any modification.
I am loosing my desire to tinker and break and fix everything i own. At the moment I am trying to avoid any hassle with setting up anything electronic. It must just work.

Also, I want to try out the xgrid software. Nothing big i need to compile, but it looks cool. Also rendevous (zero-conf) could do with a little playing with.


How about a small, quiet "under the telly" type of box with a
Celeron 733
64M RAM (Upgradable to 128MB if you're brave!)
8G or 10G Hard drive
DVD drive
10/100Mb network

£139 with 5 entertainment discs and one human interface device thrown in!
XBox! From Toys R Us
Sell the games and controller off cheap to recoup some of the cost.

-- Alex Wasserman

There must be more to life than having everything.
                -- Maurice Sendak

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