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Re: [edlug] Hardware for sale

Yes, I agree. And the "It just works" nature of the software and operating system as a whole is a great bonus.
At the moment i have a powerbook G4 with X.3.2 and it runs wonderfully. I just want a really quiet system as a server, a cube would be ideal, or even a late model iMac G3, they were fanless too. It needs little more than a big HD, provided by firewire, although a new iMac with an airport card would be nice too.


ps. If you start by asking more than you need you can always accept a more realistic figure, but it is a lot harder to bid up later.

Hi (it's my first posting on edlug, having been to the last meeting)

I have an old G4 which I run as a file and print server, since I upgraded and retired it from torturing it's silicon with photoshop and Indesign. I'd have to say the G4 is an ideal choice as far as a file server goes.

Apple hardware and build quality is astonishing, and the disk performance is likely to be a surprise as well. And you've just gotta give mac os 10.3 a go on it. (so long is you go for a G4)

-- Alex Wasserman

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