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Re: [edlug] Library Stock

Thanks for the interest.

On Tuesday 13 January 2004 5:50 pm, Pettie, Stuart (UK) wrote:
> Hi
> Just wondering if there is a criteria for e-books.

I classify them as books. I don't want too many categories!
> 1) Would a link be acceptable if the authour requires copies to be
> downloaded via email/authours own site ?

I see no reason why not. However, I would make a judgement on whether this 
constituted advertising in each individual case. Until we have done some of 
this we won't know the norms, so tell me about anything you think might be of 
> 2) Format limitations (e.g. PDF, PS, CHM files etc) ?

Any format is fine. It is up to the borrower to cope. The same goes for 
(spoken) languages
> 3) Are articles as opposed to full blown books acceptable ?

Fine, though I would have reservations about something like a photocopied 
article from a publication.
> Stuart
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>  Stuart Pettie
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