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Re: [edlug] Hardware for sale

On Tue, 2004-01-13 at 22:06, Mark R Cairney wrote:
> hmm almost identical spec to my machine- good to know what sort of 
> ballpark figure to look for as I plan to sell mine in the 
> not-too-distant future and upgrade to some flash P4 job :)

I have always found the rule of thumb
"take the original value of the system (excluding monitor) and halve it every year"
to be fairly accurate, for desktop/deskside systems anyway.  Monitors (and laptops)
don't seem to depreciate quite as fast.

BTW, don't be so quick to ditch your Athlon.  I have an AMD XP1800+ and a 2.4GHz
P4 system here and honestly can't tell the difference between them.


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