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Re: [edlug] Hardware for sale

Alex Wasserman wrote:

Hello all,

Not sure if I am allowed to do this, but here goes anyhow.

I have a server that I would like to replace. I would like to offer it for sale here. It is at most 18 months old.

Athlon 2100XP plus
ASUS A7V333 mobo
512Mb DDR ram
GeForce4Ti 4200
30Gb WD hd.
NIC, uses the tulip driver
TV card, haupage, winTV card. bttv will see it
Modem PCI, that is supported, but i never used it. Connexent chip, so suse detects it.
Nice case with glowing fans etc.

Can't think of anything else

It runs linux really well, but won't boot windows. Not really a problem for me, and it might just be a silly thing I havn't done, but I never did install Windows on it.

It can come with SuSE 9 Pro, if you want.

I just want to replace it with an iMac/Cube/something quieter but apple.

I has run well, playing Quake3/Wolfenstien/Unreal/ anything else, and has been a flat file/print/otherstuff server too.

Really can't accept less than £600, but might be negociable if you are friendly. Needless to say, it cost more than that when i got it.

hmm almost identical spec to my machine- good to know what sort of ballpark figure to look for as I plan to sell mine in the not-too-distant future and upgrade to some flash P4 job :)

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