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[edlug] EdLUG library

Hello all,

At last night's meeting the EdLUG lending library officially came into being 
and I was appointed librarian. As with everything else about the group, I 
expect this to be a very informal arrangement, so I hope I don't seem 
officious to outline how I see things working. What follows below is a set of 
ground rules as discussed at the meeting with a couple of small refinements 
from me. Feel free to comment, suggest, flame...

1)I have requested a new email address: library at edlug . org . uk , but 
please wait until it is activated. I have only just requested it from Graeme. 
The address should then be used for any loan requests or specific library 

2)The librarian should be reasonably available, and deputise if necessary.

3)The librarian will hold a record of current stock according to the stock 
policy below, and the location of stock items as well as current loans.

4)Stock may be held by the librarian, or by any donor according to the donor's 

5)Records of donors and borrowers are confidential and will not be 

6)The Librarian will note the general condition of items on their loan and 
return. (It is just conceivable that a borrower might be blacklisted if s/he 
persistently destroyed things!)

7)The librarian will circulate the current stock list to the mailing list each 
month and maintain the stock list on the EdLUG web site (with the help of the 

8)Items are loaned on the condition that they are used in accordance with 
relevant laws and licenses.

The current policy for stock is to include:
1)Books on computing and related topics (in paper, or electronic form), no 
more than 2 editions older than current.
2)CD-ROMS and DVD-ROMS of relevant software, no more than 1 major release 
older than current.
3)Magazines on Linux and related computing topics with or without cover discs, 
no more than 12 months old.
4)CD-ROMS of downloaded Free and Open Source Software as requested.
5)EdLUG funds may be used to buy items for the library on consensus or 
committee decision. (The first purchase is to be the current edition of 
Running Linux, By Matt Welsh, Matthias Kalle Dalheimer, Terry Dawson, Lar 
Kaufman published by O'Reilly. Teeth, as treasurer, has approved the 

I will post the initial stock list soon. Please email me off list with any 
items you would like to donate, and say whether you want me to keep them for 

One final note: Running Linux will be the first item bought with our group 
discount at O'Reilly. I am the contact person for this, so I suggest we 
simply add this to the list of librarian's duties.

Remember, the discount is available for individual members' purchases, so you 
can use it even if you won't let anyone else see your shiny new book!

I declare this library "open"!

You can find the EdLUG mailing list FAQ list at:

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