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[edlug] Scheduled downtime for wiki

The Wiki server will be moved on Tuesday the 13th of January, between 09.00 and 12.00 CET.

Here is the whole text of the notification:


Hi all,

It's time for another update on the FreeZope.org environment!

In this update you'll find the following:

1. FreeZope upgrade to Zope 2.6.3
2. Instability problems
3. Server migration to a new colocation environment


1. FreeZope upgrade to Zope 2.6.3

Due to some security issues, we've upgraded the Zope server to 2.6.3. We
expect this to be a minor upgrade, but all upgrades have the potential
of wreaking havoc, which means that we are definately interested in
strange behavior.

Also, we hope this upgrade has a positive effect on the stability of the
server, rest assured we are keeping a close eye on it.

2. Instability problems

As you undoubtedly have experienced by now is the serverinstability.
The upgrade to 2.6 from 2.4 introduced a number of instability problems,
to which we still haven't found the definite solution.

We've tried loads and loads of things, but to no avail unfortunately.

Please bear with us while we are investigating the instabilities. Also,
if you have suggestions which might be helpful, please contact us at
support@xxx.xxx.xxx, as all help is welcome!

3. Server migration to a new colocation environment

We will be moving the FreeZope server to a new colocation provider,
XS4ALL Internet BV in Amsterdam.

A number of problems we have experienced over the last period are
related to our current colocation provider, Level(3) Communications.
And in order to reduce those problems we are switching to another
provider. Switching also means that the server will have to be moved
physically, so downtime is inevitable.

We have taken measures to reduce downtime to the absolute miminum, and
we expect the downtime to be no more than about three hours.

The server will be moved on tuesday the 13th of January, between 09.00
and 12.00 CET.

All incoming connections to the old location, due to DNS caching, will
be redirected to the new server, so the server should be reachable
regardless of wether your DNS is updated or not.

That's all for now,

As always, thank you for supporting FreeZope

The FreeZope team

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