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[edlug] Old PC for givaway

I have an old PCs which is destined for the skip unless somebody wants it.

It is a mini-tower with a Pentium thing in - I can't remember if it is a 166 or 233 Mhz. It has a 1G disk, some memory and 12x CD reader and floppy drive. There is a 15" colour VGA monitor (actually I have 2 - an HP or a Compaq so there's a choice). It worked OK on W98 last time I tried so should be good for Linux. There is a NIC but it's thin-LAN with AUI connector and I don't know if it works. I'm not sure if it has PCI slots - I think not. It needs a keyboard with a big DIN connector and I don't seem to have one anymore. There is a serial mouse for it.

Anyway it's free to an EdLugger who wants it. I'm out in Broxburn but will assist with transportation if needed.


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