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Re: [edlug] Edlug Librarian

"Bob Kerr" <robertnkerr@xxx.xxx.xxx> writes:

> At the Thursday night meeting Anand gave a short talk on how he would
> like to set up an EDLUG Library. We had a vote to give him the position
> of EDLUG Librarian and it was passed  unanimously. He has number of good
> ideas concerning the books which he hopes to implement over the next
> couple of months. Nothing has been formalised yet. If you have any books
> that may be of interest to other EDLUG members please let him know so
> that he can organise the best way for others to access them. I am mainly
> thinking of all those books that you haven't looked at for a while that
> may be still of use. I know you've got em. Yes you do : )

I've started using opendb (http://opendb.sourceforge.net/) to catalogue
my books, and it seems to be a good way to implement a 'distributed
library' in that it supports multiple people, either as a 'borrower'
(allowed to look at the book lists and submit a request to borrow a
book) or as a 'normal' user (allowed to add books in to the system for
people to borrow).  Of course, we would still need a process for people
to actually get hold of the books.  I guess that would probably involve
bringing them to a meeting.

It's implemented in PHP with a MySQL backend.

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