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RE: [edlug] EdLUG UML service

I think this is a wonderful thing that Faye is doing for EDLUG members and would just like to make sure that some EDLUG funds are available to cover her expenses. These would include the electricity and use of bandwidth. I know that the expense will be minimal but well worth it. If it is possible to give a rough idea of how much this would cost, I am willing to pay for the first six months expenses until a complete figure is found.



From: Faye Gibbins <wibble@xxx.xxx.xxx>
To: EdLUG <edlug@xxx.xxx.xxx>
Subject: [edlug] EdLUG UML service
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 12:56:18 +0000


Soon the EdLUG servers will be put onto the internet for members to use. When not being used for install fests. or for members to perform demonstrations upon they will initially be used to host a few UML sessions that members may use for a small donation (to cover costs).

UML is a virtual machine that is independent from the host even having it's own virtual NICs. Members whom use an EdLUG UML session will have root in the VM for one month. The VM will then be wiped and available for another member to use. Longer term usage can be arranged.

If you damage your UML session they can be replaced with a fresh VM image quickly and easily but and data in the original will be lost. External access will be provided over SSH to an arbitrary high port number on a static IP address.

The actual machine itself will be in my DMZ (although it this is successful I'll move them to their own subnet where I can keep them corralled), initially only incoming SSH sessions to the VM will be allowed, but each UML session will be able to access the internet as well as being able to connect to any other UML session running on the same box.

I don't have any firm T'n'Cs yet but obviously the more extreme behaviors will not be permitted. I goes without saying that they shouldn't be used for hacking, porn or spamming.

I expect that the VMs will be Fedora Core 1 installs (+updates). This service is supported by EdLUG volunteers in their free time as a service to EdLUG to help members learn about administrating and using Linux servers in a risk free environment.


This time she's the lesser of two evils.


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