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Re: [edlug] Venue

Faye Gibbins wrote:

ok so how do people feel about moving to Mondays so we can book a room?

Tonight a little over 20 people turned up and we have a group chat about the venue and date. Following a straw poll of everyone there we found there was a negative feeling towards Mondays. A majority of people said they would prefer a Wednesday (over Monday) while the remaining people said they had no preference of the two days.

One of the reasons against Mondays was that it was the first day back in work following a weekend. I feel I should repeat a comment from an earlier post that there are a few bank holidays that fall on the first Monday of every month.

Booking a room is easy once we sort out a day. We can have it from 7pm onwards so long as someone is there from 7 (not hard). I confirmed this again with the duty manager who was edging towards not wanting a deposit as it would be a regular thing.

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