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Re: [edlug] New hard disk for 'oldish' mobo

David Marsh's listreading hat wrote:

I'm planning to buy a new hard disk but I'm not sure whether my mobo
will cope?
My mobo is 2001 vintage (yeh, so it's probably prehistoric technology by
now , is made by Jetway I think (don't have manual to hand at
present) and has the following BIOS (if it means anything to anyone):

Your best bet is to lift the lid - jetway motherboards usually have the model printed between the pci/isa slots.

Is it for an AMD chip? if so pobbaly a j720B or BF - seem to trip over the damn things alot - they take large (>40) gig drives.

I have a shop around and the best I could find was to order through mail order

The only competitive alternative was Silicon group who offer it for £40 but don't say what make/model and the quality of service and goods is alledgedly variable.

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