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RE: [edlug] AD4Unix

> Anyone used AD4UNIX before? I enabled my AD Schema to be extended and then
> used AD4UNIX to extend the schema and install the plugins. It appeared to
> extend the schema indicating that an ldif file was being read back, it 
> also installed the MKSADPluginSettings icon. However the Unix Settings tab
> doesn't appear! A reinstall hasn't resolved this.

I used to use it, but it doesn't seem to work very well with later service
packs; on Win2K Server SP4 it installs OK but the UNIX tab locks up. I gave
up and used the official Microsoft Services For UNIX (MSSFU v2 but v3 is
nearly shipping), and that worked fine for me (single sign-on, PAM-LDAP and
LIBNSS-LDAP on Linux). 

I assume you did the bit about allowing schema updates on the DC? (and you
know about replication fun and games with multiple DCs).


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