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Re: [edlug] Feedback on a possible venue...

Alex Wasserman wrote:

The Junction on East Preston Street does food, although their menu has retreated a little recently, as well as all the associated drinks. So do the Scream pubs, Tron and Crags, both of which are used to large groups, especially the Crags. The Crags will provide free sandwiches to large groups if preorganised and comes with parking, although can be noisy and a little smokey, but not that bad,

All the assertions that "it's smoky but not too bad" are not very consoling to non-smokers (not this one anyway), considering there seem to be quite a lot of smokers in Edlug, who will light up on the spot given a chance. (Though I would guess they're still << than 50% in number.)

At the Holyrood meetings I often didn't go, or left early and with great relief: my perception was that those members who do smoke managed to make the place VERY smoky indeed.

There's a huge difference between "smoke free" and "not very smoky", especially when the latter is so subjective and so variable.

Perhaps there does need to be a place where the addicts can get their fix, but should this overrule the majority who would much prefer clean air given the choice? For me this comes above availability of food.


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