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Re: [edlug] Feedback on a possible venue...

Up in the bar they have the potential to do reasonable bar food. I expect
initially only pizzas and burgers would be available but if there was a
regular and predictable demand _they may_ be able to provide more choice.

My personal view is that:

 1) They should welcome the business
 2) The venue offers many of the requirements which are so difficult to
 3) The venue has potential for offering further facilities following a
"foot in the door".

I can understand what Alex is saying and as I very rarely attend I feel I
should not push the issue too strongly but I have yet to hear of any ideal



On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Alex Wasserman wrote:

> Having been in halls last year I can elaborate on the food.
> Microwaved (cheese)burger
> microwaved pizza
> Crisps
> Cigarettes
> Microwaved hotdog
> etc.
> Tasty if you like that sort of thing, and room service of any sort is
> not to be sniffed at, but a definite leap backwards from The Standing
> Order.
> Not the most friendly of venues, and not the most attractive of halls.
> Bit like being in a large barn-dance without any possible fun.
> The Junction on East Preston Street does food, although their menu has
> retreated a little recently, as well as  all the associated drinks. So
> do the Scream pubs, Tron and Crags, both of which are used to large
> groups, especially the Crags. The Crags will provide free sandwiches to
> large groups if preorganised and comes with parking, although can be
> noisy and a little smokey, but not that bad, and the Tron has areas
> that could easily be separated for us.
> The number of pubs offering good cheap food is fairly limited though.
> me
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