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Re: [edlug] very odd problems with some websites...

www.debian.org.uk works and leads to uk.debian.org
www.python.org works but www.python.org.uk leads to a blank html page on the 
wales.com site. The entire content of the page are:

-------------------- quoted text --------------------
<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT=".0; URL=index.pl">
  <title>Wales.com Domain Registration Home Page</title>
------------------- /quoted text ---------------------

wales.com seems to be someone who has registered a number of domains (wales.*) 
and seeks to sell subdomains to patriotic welsh people. Perhaps they have 
registered python.org.uk because a python looks a little like a dragon!


On Tuesday 06 January 2004 5:47 pm, Magnus Hagdorn wrote:
> Quoting Faye Gibbins <wibble@xxx.xxx.xxx>:
> > I get to the debian and Python sites OK with our redirection.
> hm, that's odd. any ideas what I could check?
> Cheers
> magi

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