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Re: [edlug] digital photo database


On Sat, 2003-12-27 at 13:52, Dick Middleton wrote:

> Most of the ones I've tried don't really cut the mustard although they 
> all have some good points.  I use gqview which is excellent but doesn't 
> do the data base stuff.

I use gqview too.  Or rather, I've now moved to its successor, gthumb. 
Gthumb-2.1.9 is excellent.  It lets you arrange pics in multiple ways:
it has bookmarks for common folders, "catalogues" for virtual folders,
supports per-image comments, and has "categories" so that you can assign
a single image to multiple categories and then use those categories in
advanced image searches.

It can provide histogram and EXIF information for images; has excellent
image navigation and fullscreen mode; supports some image modification,
including simple colour control (auto colour enhance, hue/saturation
balance, brightness/contrast etc.) as well as some more advanced ones
such as desaturate and lossless jpeg rotation; and has basic facilities
for generating html indexes (including the EXIF info if you want) and
contact sheets of images.

Works great for me.


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