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[edlug] Feedback on a possible venue...

Hi All,

The Pollock Halls JMC bar is underused and has plenty of space. It isn't
non-soking but is rarely smoky anyway. I have the answer below from the
boss of catering....

         James Jarvis BSc., PhD
      The University of Edinburgh
            0131 651 3095
    email 'james.jarvis@xxx.xxx.xxx'

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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 13:30:16 -0000
From: MACAULAY Ian <ianmac@xxx.xxx.xxx>
To: JARVIS James <jjarvis@xxx.xxx.xxx>
Subject: FW: Possible JMC business opportunity

Hi James,

This was forwarded to me by Stephen Gaughan the Kitchens manager as he wasn't sure the best way to go with it. The JMC Bar is certainly one option since open 7pm - 1am term time and in the commercial periods 11am - 11pm, all 7 days a week. However, we don't tend to do food in the evenings in the JMC Bar unless you want to work from the room service menu which gets produced from there. It is basically pizzas, burgers etc. If you need something more substantial it would have to be an Edinburgh First handled booking for term time. Commercial period is not such a problem as we have the cooked to order menu on from 12pm until 9pm 7 days a week with the full meal range.

Absorb Café bar is another option, but is noisier and the food is all paninis and sandwiches etc.

In terms of your requirements the benefit of using the JMC Bar is that you
don't have to formally book a space through Edinburgh First which is more
expensive as there is room hire charge and the food is also more expensive
since more a fine dining operation. Based on your requirements we could do
the following:

1.	Cordon off an area for 50 people
2.	Provide wheelchair access as the JMC has a lift to the second floor
3.	Good food - it would be the room service menu/mainly burgers and pizza
4.	Parking and non alcoholic drinks no problem
5.	Easy to find and good public transport

The only difficult ones would be a projector, as we would charge quite a
bit for this on hire and smoke free area. I am a reformed smoker but long
live smoking as in the University you will know it is all non smoking
except in licensed premises so a small concession for smokers.

Think that answers all your questions and just let me know if you think it
would work for you.



Ian R Macaulay
Assistant Director (catering)
The University of Edinburgh
St Leonards Hall
18 Holyrood Park Road
Edinburgh EH16 5AY

Tel:            0131 651 2140
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From: James E. Jarvis [mailto:jjarvis@xxx.xxx.xxx]
Sent: 05 January 2004 20:11
To: Stephen Gaughan
Cc: Senior Warden; Charles Hill
Subject: Possible JMC business opportunity

Hi Steve,

The Edinburgh Linux Users Group (EdLug) meet once a month for beers and chat about computing issues. They have the requirements listed below. If you think the JMC bar could be a useful venue (even for just off-peak
season)  then the business could flow your way.

There will almost certainly be spin-off business for Edinburgh First. For example a UK conference last summer based in Edinburgh organised by the group used Pollock for accommodation on my recommendation but not venues (too expensive).



         James Jarvis BSc., PhD
      The University of Edinburgh
            0131 651 3095
    email 'james.jarvis@xxx.xxx.xxx'

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Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 10:48:47 +0000
From: Phill Gillespie <phill.gillespie@xxx.xxx.xxx>
To: edlug@xxx.xxx.xxx
Subject: [edlug] Bad News re Venue

Hi *

I'm back from my holidays and I chased up the Standing Order today regarding booking a room.  It seems the duty manager I spoke to was just that; Richard Anderson on the other hand is the area manager.  Anyway, cutting a long story short the head guy has vetoed the idea of giving us a room on the first Thursday of every month, purely because that night is their "Curry Club" evening and it is mobbed week in week out.

Longer term we have two options:
1.  Chose a less busy night for the Standing Order (or any central Edinburgh pub).  Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays are all days the SO are happy to accommodate (other places may not like Wednesday during term time). 2.  Resume the search trying to find a new venue.

There was talk previously on the list about maybe using a different day (my personal preferred option of the two).  For those who prefer option two, we need more ideas for a new venue that has the following
*  A cordoned off area for up to 50 people (and maybe a projector too)
*  Smoke-free areas
*  Wheelchair access
*  Good food
*  Parking and a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks
*  Easily found within central Edinburgh, especially with regards public transport.

Back to this week, I'll try to get a table in the same room as last time early in the evening.  When others become available we can merge them into one big chain again.  Keep your eyes peeled for laptops and books!

P h i l l
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