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Re: [edlug] Anyone want to give an edlug technical talk on PVR/DVB?

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Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 3:08 PM
Subject: Re: [edlug] Anyone want to give an edlug technical talk on PVR/DVB?
> This is the solution that i am working on using Hauppague Nove-t
> Digital card

I am using a hauppauge  pvr 250 with mythtv. It works well on Fedora Core 1
and apt-get updates using synaptic and I have a DVD writer connected for
burning mpg to DVD with dvdrecord. Machine is a 1.6 Athlon with 512 RAM and
three 80GB disks.(one holds mp3 collection). I particularly like being able
to setup recordings from anywhere using mythweb via apache. All the other
image/sound/weather/web browser addons also work so next job is to get a
X-box and use it as the mythfrontend under linux. I certainly will need help
with that but friend of a friend in the States has done it so will be
'enlisting' his help.


Ian Morrison

> Im using MythTV to record programs and that seems to be working
> myth crashed with my build on playing tv or watching  records,
> but i think the latest CVS fix's this and need to try it.
> Also dont have any sound on the box at all that im trying to
> investage. Hence im not sure if its recording with sound.
> All in all the package cost little over 400 pounds but as i
> intend to put all my CD's on it as well, i saw that as an
> advantage over tivo.
> Plus i intend to add a DVD recorder to it later.
> I have to admit a lot on the works been done by i friend but i'd
> be happy to pool what knowledge i have, and would be interested
> to know how may others have done this, What there systems is
> and how many others are toying with the idea.
> Craig

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