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Re: [edlug] Anyone want to give an edlug technical talk on PVR/DVB?

sxw@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:
In my case, because I'd like to do things beyond just video. However, I must admit I'd written off the Tivo, because I was under the impression that they were no longer marketed in the UK, and that subscriptions were only available to existing customers. Is this just rumour?

No one in the UK is producing TiVo hardware at this time (TiVo doesn't make or market the hardware, they produce the hardware design, the software and the service data). Thompson was the UK company that produced the hardware, but due to a couple of bad decisions (teaming up with Sky for one thing - the instant that Sky decided to produce a hard drive recorder themselves Thompson were out on a limb) they ended up not making any money, so they stopped making it. Currently no manufacturer produces a UK TiVo (although there are several in the US, and always rumours of one of the ones with a more European bent perhaps releasing a UK model).

This has no effect on whether you can get a subscription or not. A lot of the ones on eBay already have lifetime subscriptions (which are worth £200, so factor that in to any pricing) and those that don't you can quite easily subscribe yourself in the normal way. Then you can take out the hard drives, stick in a couple of 200GB drives with the patched LBA48 kernel, add a network card...

I'm not sure how "subscriptions only available to existing customers" would work anyway - until you subscribe the box you aren't a TiVo customer, and if you're an existing TiVo customer why would you need to subscribe the box?*


* Yes, I know that in theory when I subscribed my second box I was an existing customer, but I was reducing the problem to the one box situation...

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