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Re: [edlug] Anyone want to give an edlug technical talk on PVR/DVB?

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Shane Sturrock wrote:

> This discussion comes up time and time again on Slashdot and it is 
> always the same, once you add up the cost of building something 
> comparable to a TiVo you are spending a lot of money, far more than 
> buying a TiVo and the lifetime subscription to the service would be - 
> £400 for the pair.  How much of a PC based PVR are you going to get for 
> that?  

Most of it :-) You can build a M10000 based PC for around £200. Adding a 
digital tuner costs about another £100, leaving £100 to play with to add 
the hard drive of your choice.

> Or you can just spend £200 for the box and then pay £10 per 
> monthy for the subscription.  If you can't build your PC/PVR for less 
> than that then why bother?  It's not like you can't hack the TiVo so 
> even that excuse doesn't wash.

In my case, because I'd like to do things beyond just video. However, I 
must admit I'd written off the Tivo, because I was under the impression 
that they were no longer marketed in the UK, and that subscriptions were 
only available to existing customers. Is this just rumour?



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