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[edlug] Sound card woes


I have recently compiled myself a 2.6.0 kernel which is working very nicely
apart from one small thing which is an issue with the sound card. For ages i was
trying to get the sound card to work with the ALSA drivers, the sound card btw
is onboard and is based on the via82cxxx chipset, pretty bog standard i believe,
anyway i couldnt get it to work using ALSA so i enabled OSS in the kernel and no
it works. When trying to us the ALSA drivers i was getting and error message
every time i booted along the lines of /dev/dsp cannot be found.

The problem at the moment is that it will only play sound from on source at a
time, for example if i want to play a game with sound fx and listen to music it
will do one but not both at the same time. I m sure its a driver problem and
most likely a OSS (a system which is now depreciated??) probelm. Does anybody
have any ideas?


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