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Re: [edlug] Hot Syncing Pilot clones? / Standing Order

Alex Wasserman wrote:

I used kpilot, jpilot and the GNOME/Evolution conduits with a Palm 5. It was connected using the serial port from its cradle.
I had some problems though, although that was more distro dependent. Mainly I just had to ensure that there was a link from /dev/pilot to /dev/whereever_it's_plugged_in. After that I had to check the connection speed.

I also used a serial to USB adaptor. I just enabled the relevant kernel option and loaded the module. Then made sure of the link again.

I think Evolution worked best for an all inclusive system, I didn't much like the kpilot setup and gnome-pilot didn't do a lot. Jpilot is very much an inferior clone of the Palm Desktop suite. Good, but not very integrated with anything else. Evolution has a good set of conduits.

Thanks for the tips: it seems there are differences between the "true" Palms and the clones, such that clones like the Clie need to be treated like the Handspring Visor - using /dev/USBnn instead of ttynn. I'm not quite there yet, but my curiosity is piqued somewhat.

It seems the answer to my question is something like "doesn't 'just work', needs tweaking - even for true Palms".


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