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[edlug] Bad News re Venue

Hi *

I'm back from my holidays and I chased up the Standing Order today regarding booking a room. It seems the duty manager I spoke to was just that; Richard Anderson on the other hand is the area manager. Anyway, cutting a long story short the head guy has vetoed the idea of giving us a room on the first Thursday of every month, purely because that night is their "Curry Club" evening and it is mobbed week in week out.

Longer term we have two options:
1. Chose a less busy night for the Standing Order (or any central Edinburgh pub). Sunday, Monday and Wednesdays are all days the SO are happy to accommodate (other places may not like Wednesday during term time).
2. Resume the search trying to find a new venue.

There was talk previously on the list about maybe using a different day (my personal preferred option of the two). For those who prefer option two, we need more ideas for a new venue that has the following characteristics:
* A cordoned off area for up to 50 people (and maybe a projector too)
* Smoke-free areas
* Wheelchair access
* Good food
* Parking and a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks
* Easily found within central Edinburgh, especially with regards public transport.

Back to this week, I'll try to get a table in the same room as last time early in the evening. When others become available we can merge them into one big chain again. Keep your eyes peeled for laptops and books!

P h i l l
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