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Re: [edlug] Next meeting

Graeme Wood wrote:

You need a convener, a secretary and a treasurer. The treasurer is the principal account
holder. There must be a minute of a meeting kept which shows the agreement of those
people to their positions. Each officer needs to supply a sample signature to the bank as
generally any two of the three is required to sign mandates. I don't think you need to
supply a formal constitution to the bank. At least I don't remember supplying one before
when opening a treasurer account.

You will need to supply the requisite ID as well so the bank can comply with the money-laundering requirements. So take along passports, driving licenses, utility bills, marriage certificates if you've changed your name on marriage, etc, etc.

Last time I got involved with opening a society's bank account, I had to go through all this rigmarole, despite having had a bank account with the same branch in my own name for about 15 years... Grrr...

Save time by getting them to send you the relevant forms by post, so you don't have to stand around for hours while they find them, and make sure you have an appointment with someone who actually knows how to open a society's account. Most bank staff don't seem to know how to, and don't have the authority to do anything other than say "oh, you'll have to come back later when Mr/Mrs X is here".


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