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[edlug] [OT] laptop battery

Hi, apologies for OT posting, but Ive searched high & low (google/etc.) and I think this is a job for someone who knows something (or has a special bit of kit...)

I have a Samsung laptop, and as usual the battery (Smart Li-Ion) degraded over time, but was still good for ~3hrs. It started getting a little temperamental, and the userbook recommended discharging it to reset the electronics, which I did.

However, on the recharge (no more than 5 seconds in) the dodgy power cable was knocked, the charge stopped & I've been left with a battery that thinks its charged (but isnt), but is too low on charge to be discharged using the utility.


Various notes suggest that its possible to reset batteries, anyone have the kit/knowhow? Or do I just fork for the new one?


Martin Fitz

-- martinf@xxx.xxx.xxx http://www.jazzyfrog.com/ jabber:poohsticks

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