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Re: [edlug] Next meeting

Well Teeth's the treasurer, if it's alright with people I can do the secretary bit until someone better come along. Our convener is around somewhere but I've not seen her at recent meetings. Is Meg Pike still around?

Graeme Wood wrote:

On 2 Jan 2004, at 13:38, Andrew Aylett wrote:

Faye Gibbins <wibble@xxx.xxx.xxx> writes:

We still need to get a bank account for our funds, if anyones has any
ideas please let us know. We might need to get a constitution to get a
bank account, this has until now been an anathema for us but times
change. Anyone have any ideas?

As I recall, the last time I set up an account for a society we didn't
need a constitution, just minutes of a meeting of the society in which
it was decided to set up the bank account (they had a form to use to
take the minutes on).  I think that we did need officers, and of course
account holders...  These may imply some kind of constitution, but I
don't think we need necessarily either discuss it or write it down...

Canditates for the Presidential Elections may queue over there --> :-).

You need a convener, a secretary and a treasurer. The treasurer is the principal account
holder. There must be a minute of a meeting kept which shows the agreement of those
people to their positions. Each officer needs to supply a sample signature to the bank as
generally any two of the three is required to sign mandates. I don't think you need to
supply a formal constitution to the bank. At least I don't remember supplying one before
when opening a treasurer account.


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