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Re: [edlug] Next meeting

On 2 Jan 2004, at 13:38, Andrew Aylett wrote:

Faye Gibbins <wibble@xxx.xxx.xxx> writes:

We still need to get a bank account for our funds, if anyones has any
ideas please let us know. We might need to get a constitution to get a
bank account, this has until now been an anathema for us but times
change. Anyone have any ideas?

As I recall, the last time I set up an account for a society we didn't need a constitution, just minutes of a meeting of the society in which it was decided to set up the bank account (they had a form to use to take the minutes on). I think that we did need officers, and of course account holders... These may imply some kind of constitution, but I don't think we need necessarily either discuss it or write it down...

Canditates for the Presidential Elections may queue over there --> :-).

You need a convener, a secretary and a treasurer. The treasurer is the principal account
holder. There must be a minute of a meeting kept which shows the agreement of those
people to their positions. Each officer needs to supply a sample signature to the bank as
generally any two of the three is required to sign mandates. I don't think you need to
supply a formal constitution to the bank. At least I don't remember supplying one before
when opening a treasurer account.



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