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Re: [edlug] edlug technical talks programme ...

if you get me the schedule for the talks I'll post it on the web site and make sure reminders to the list are sent out.

Ed wrote:
I now have sufficient volunteers for a programme of about 4 - 6 talks.

I will be in touch with all those who have offered to try to arrange dates, duration etc.

Given the time, I think the first talk will have to be at the February meeting. Though I know some speakers have talks prepared and could conceivably make a January date if circumstances allow.

More details later, the first venue will be the SO or Net Resources, availability of a data projector is still uncertain, any offers?.

I am STILL looking for volunteers as I want to be in a position where we always have 3 or 4 talks planned to ensure continuity and allow people time to prepare.

This thread and the 'which venue' thread had lots of contributions of the form "why doesn't someone (else) do this that or the other". I will remind you that edlug is a volunteer effort and a "why don't I do smething" is worth a dozen "why doesn't someone do something"s. Edlug is the sum of all the individual contributions and if only a few people contribute then they will skew what happens - point taken?.

Edlug audiences are friendly and these events are a good way for people to talk about something they have specialist knowledge of. So just have a think, what have you spent a lot of time doing?, could you prepare a 30 or 60 minute talk about it? Why not do so?.

I or any other edlug member with speaking experience would be more than happy to help you prepare or structure your talk.


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