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Re: [edlug] XFree86 RIP

Ed wrote:

This was discussed on slashdot yesterday, it is only the core team are disbanding themselves and is akin to dismantling a committee. These people are a very small proportion of active developers and will presumably continue as developers. The nett effect is to remove a layer of beaurocracy which doesn't contribute and which has come under criticism for hindering development.

Xfree86 continues and this may even strenghten the project (not IMHO necessarily a good thing).

(sorry for replying directly to the poster...)

It's a big debate isn't it? When X is configured properly and up and
running it's fantastic. I love the way I can run programs on one machine
and display them on another. To me it's one of the massive strengths and
appeals of *nix.

But then at the same time it's a monster to configure and arguably the
Achilles heel that stops Linux conquering the consumer market.

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