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Re: [edlug] Cool mozilla features

Ed wrote:

Contains some useful docs about mozilla. In particular
the custom keyword feature is really cool

This feature was actually taken from Galeon (the Gecko based GNOME browser which brought us the cool tabs). It brought up a pop-up box so by clicking on a bookmark you got the pop-up rather than having to go to the status bar a type...

That said Mozilla has a great shortcut that works with these bookmarks, Ctrl + L which brings the focus to the address bar,
e.g. Ctrl + L then goo edlug rules

I created a link to google with keyword 'goo' and can now

For real effeciency why not just use "g "?

Alternatively install QLookup ( qlookup.mozdev.org ), a nice little hack that lets you highlight a word, right click and then search google or dictionary.com for it (or the built in Mozilla option to search your default search engine)...

P h i l l

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