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Re: [edlug] LPI Certification advice

Just to reinforce some of Peter's comments.

LPI level 1 certification consists of two exams (LPI101 and LPI102),
you need to pass both. The syllabus gives a good background in Linux
usage and administration and covers many areas that even experienced
users rarely, if ever, touch. 

Walk in tests at US trade fairs gave a pass rate of around 50% which
IMHO is more a comment on what people have forgotten - or never
learned - than in the difficulty of the test. My view (see later) is
that if you know your stuff the test is easy. Many people overrate the
extent of their knowledge, which is why they fail.

The exam changed in about November, many firms offering LPI101 courses
still seem to be advertising the old syllabus. If this is the case
then many topics from the new syllabus will not be covered - caveat
emptor.  The same goes for books, many (all?) cover the old syllabus.


=== commercial break === 
I have just finished delivery of a 4 day LPI101 course to a major
Scottish financial institution and am currently seeking new
commissions. If anyone is interested in LPI or other open-source
training courses, please get in touch.

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Subject: [edlug] LPI Certification advice

Dear all

I have 3 years Solaris experience and will be developing my Linux
knowledge(Redhat probably) shortly and would like to know what people think
of the LPI Certification and if they could suggest any books to aid in
obtaining at least Level 1 certification.

Kevin Gallagher

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