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RE: [edlug] GnomeMeeting 0.96 and Using my Digital Camera

ok; I have a friend whom has just moved away and I'd like to keep in contact so I suggested using Gnome Meeting, especially as the instructions on how to set it up where in Linux Journal a couple of months ago. 

so what I need is -: A USB web cam for under 50UKP, that'll work with Linux and can be ordered now off the web without too much hassle.

any sugestions (there could be beer in it at the next meeting) ?


Faye Gibbins
Technical Architecture Team

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wrt a Linux compatible webcam, I got a Creative WebCam 5 about a year ago 
which uses philips chipset. (£35)

See http://www.smcc.demon.nl/webcam/

I think basic'ly the camera works ok under the PWC module supplied with the 
core linux kernel, but there's extra functionality (compression, higher 
resolution) that can be accessed with with the PWCX module (see above 
web-site) which is binary only (because of a non-disclosure agreement).

Oh, I just read from the News (24/1/03) on that page that the latest versions 
of Creative WebCam 5 are a different chipset which don't work with these 
modules.  That'll be fun then!


On Wed, 29 January, 2003 12:45, Alistair J Ross wrote:
> Fellow slashdotters will also be aware today that GnomeMeeting 0.96 was
> released today. This is good news for Linux because we can now initiate
> Pc 2 Phone calls from the penguin. At long last.
> I would like to experiment with  this technology and see what the
> possibilities are.
> I dont have a webcam but i do have a FujiFilm Finepix 2200 USB which
> works just dandy to take pics etc under Linux. You access the camera
> like you would access a flash file system (ie under /dev/sda1). The
> camera also takes 20 second silent avis from the cameras control.
> I know that there are camera tinkerers on the list, does anyone out
> there know of a way to make the camera work like a webcam and
> continually take a movie? I would terefore only have to plug my camera
> in and then I can get going with this whole VoIP thing. Cool. Otherwise,
> I will have to shell out for a webcam. Anyone know good ones for
> compatability under Linux and also price is an important factor at the
> moment.
> Cheers peeps,
> 	Alistair Ross
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