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Re: [edlug] Edlug

Danny @ Zisys AVMN wrote:

I'm trying to wean myself off MS products so what e-mail client should
I use ?
... (Or a least the most popular e-mail client).

Personally Mozilla especially as 1.3 is only a few weeks away with it's amazing (bayesian) Junk mail controls... (beta frozen a few days ago)...
A lot of people enjoy Evolution (from Ximian req. Gnome libs) but I have had many issues with it...
From the KDE side KMail is quite respectable (3.1 released today) and the next release contains all the work from the collaboration with the German governement... Both these are very outlook-ish in their style.

Of course if you are using Mozilla you can ditch Konqueror to and use tabbed browsing (okay it's finally in 3.1 today...) !

P h i l l

PS: Emailing in HTML is not really allowed on this list, many people still us text-based readers and it drives them nuts...

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