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Re: [edlug] Edlug

Personaly I think you can't beat pine, but hey, I'm sure lots of others
disagre. If you want a outlook type thing then either evolution (gnome
based), Kmail (kde). There is also quite a nice perl based one, but I
forget the name, perhaps someone else knows of it?

> Edlug
> I'm not a total Linux newbie I've been using SuSE 7.2 for a while
> for occasional surfing (Konquerer) and as an Apache server.
> I'm trying to wean myself off MS products so what e-mail client should
> I use ?
> I could set out to re-discover the wheel but it is probably better finding out
> what everyone else is using in the Linux community.
> (Or a least the most popular e-mail client).
> Any suggestions ?
> Thanks
> Danny Anderson

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