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[edlug] Creative soundblaster alsa prob

Hi all

I have installed a Creative Labs SoundBlaster card in my linux pc
running Suse 8.1. However I can't seem to configure the card. I "think"
that the module es-1371 required from the Alsa package is missing (I
don't see it listed in /etc/modules.conf). When I try to configure the
card through Yast2 I get a message telling me this module can't be
loaded possibly because of irq or io issues. 

The suggested work around is to pass options to the module - do I have
to tweak the kernel to do this or is there some alsa utility I can use?
Am I on the right track here at all? 

Is this even making sense?

Iain Gallagher <iaingallagher@xxx.xxx.xxx>

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