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Re: [edlug] 'Pan' Problems

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 sakis.panou@xxx.xxx.xxx wrote:

> Hi there all,
> I was wondering if anyone had any problems
> running the newsgroup reader app. 'Pan' ?
> To be more specific I am referring to its
> unwillingness to allow me to authenticate,
> I have repeatedly triple checked that I
> am indeed typing in the correct user name
> and password - which by the way works fine
> Netscape news reader - but no joy so far with
> pan !!!
> The error I seem to be getting is a 502
> authentication failure.
> Any ideas, suggestions will be greatly
> appreciated.

I use pan and I do not have this problem. I entered the username and
password in the saved preferences so I don't need to type them in
repeatedly.  I would suspect that the error is suggesting you are using
the wrong username and/or password. Are you sure that you are entering
them paying attention to any case sensitivity?

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