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[edlug] Permanent Job Vacancies - 3 x C/Linux Programmers

I have 3 C/Linux Unix Programmer Vacancies at present.
Our client is flexible as to exactly what level of experience each person
they recruit has, but the minimum is 1 year commercial C programming
experience - preferably in a Linux environment,but Unix would fine.
Desirable skills would include - X-Windows,Motif,Gnome (they are currently
porting from Motif to Gnome),GUI builders,XML,Mathematics background....
Applicants must have a degree in Computer Science or other relevant degree.
Salary is dependent on experience, but probably up to c £30,000 per annum.
City Centre Location.
Team of 10 (flat structure under supervision of team leader)

For more details call on 0131 555 9852 or e-mail.

Kind Regards,


Rhona Hutchon
Managing Consultant
Information Technology
TMP Melville Craig

Tel - 0131 555 9852


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