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[edlug] Dedicated Hosting Packages

Alright guys and gals!
Who do you reckon has the best basic price/performance hosting package? I
am looking for a basic dedicated server annd i cant find anything better
than www.oneandone.co.uk which gets me a dedicated server with RH7.2 256MB
Ram and 10GB transfer for £100 setup and 29poonds a month.
Anyone got / know of better deals? (Any linux flavor would be cool)

Jon Allwinkle,
Middleware & Transactions Systems,
SSO Commercial Enterprise Services,
Maritime Geoplex SSO Technology Services
Strategic Outsourcing, IBM Global Services
Telephone +44 (0) 131 529 1687 : Internal (BOSlink) 3-1687
Fax: 0131 529 1411
E-mail: allwij@xxx.xxx.xxx
Website: allwij-uk.userv.ibm.com

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